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ML2014I have been collecting articles related to the gang events in the NE Los Angeles area. These are archived for informational purposes only, in the event that their original creator links disappear from the web. I have done my best to credit and provide the original links so that you can refer to the original articles online.

RESEARCH PURPOSE - At a recent gathering of 1970's Wahington Irving Junior High graduates in Griffith Park, I heard details about an Irving student who was killed for wearing a T-shirt that displayed the name of a nearby community "Atwater" that was also the name of a local gang. He was shot and killed two days later. I returned from Southern California and researched the issue on Google and found the original stories. They reveal a senseless shooting that took the life of an innocent young man who really wanted nothing to do with the gang-bangers in his junior high school. I was dumbfounded and amazed. This happened 13 years after my leaving the same school. 






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