ML2014Yearbooks are a precious historical memory that helped to capture the moments of our schooling. At Washington Irving Junior High School the yearbook was called "The Knickerbocker" and it went from earlier soft cover versions up until the 1973/74 school year and then went to a hard copy. I have treasured mine for decades and going back and looking through the pages and reading the written thoughts from friends during the era helped to open my memory banks and remember fondly those days.

I took it upon myself to scan and format the three Knickerbockers leading up to my graduation in 1976. It took about 40 hours to create and format the electronic versions for the website, but it was worth it from the feedback I have received from those who can no longer locate their same versions.Knick76-200

VIEW THE KNICKERBOCKERS - To view the Knickerbocker all you have to do is take the time to register for this site. To register just click on "Create An Account" above on the left column. Once submitted then I will see and manually approve your registration and then you will have access to the entire yearbook.

OTHER YEARS WANTED - I would love to scan in and format the Knickerbockers from the other 7 years of the 1970's. If you have a copy, then send it to me and I will treat it with great care, scan it in, and then cover the shipping to get it to and from my location. Michael Leavitt - 1378 N. Main Street - Orem, Utah 84057

KNICKERBOCKER - Signature Edition

This is a very personal edition that is reserved for alumni who signed my yearbook. It allows you the ability to see what words of wisdom you authored back in the day. If you would like to see this edition, then email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will raise your access privileges so that you can view this very personal edition of my Knickerbocker.