I Survived Irving

MLThenThe following is a blog series that is ongoing that deals with Michael Leavitt's three years of junior high education at Washington Irving Junior High School in East Los Angeles, California. The early to mid 1970's was a racially tense era and the Mexican gangs ruled the school and the caucasians and the orientals did their best to stay off their radar and survive while attempting to get some learning done. Michael shares some of the experiences from the era that changed his outlook on life.

NOTE: The early blog entries were originally written privately for Michael Leavitt's wife and children so that they could better understand what he dealt with in the early 1970's East LA era. The real names have been used and the accounts are as factual as possible from Michael's perspective. No attempts were made to exaggerate for greater impact. The events are from long ago and if there are differing viewpoints from the same events, then please send along your account and they will be shared in full unedited glory. Please send your accounts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..